Choosing the right air rifle pellet for you will play a great role in the overall result of your shot – your choice of airgun pellet may just determine if you go home with the game you are hunting, or come home empty-handed.

In choosing from the wide array of airgun pellet types, one important question you have to answer is “What do you intend to use your air rifle for?” Are you planning to fire some air gun shots for target shooting practices as you want to join (and win) competitions? Will you be using your airgun for hunting game? Or you simply want to have some fun with casual backyard plinking over the weekend?

This is important because knowing your purpose for using your air rifle will help you find out what attributes of the pellet are most important to you: are you looking for a silent, fast airgun pellet so you can use your air rifle without disturbing your next door neighbors, do you need a heavy, more powerful pellet so you can take down a bigger game like a coyote, or you’re just looking for the best air pellets for accuracy for target shooting practice?


The diabolo pellet shape is probably the most widely used pellet design today. A diabolo pellet has a narrower waist as compared to its head and its skirt. Diabolo pellets are sometimes referred to as wasp waist or waisted pellets.

The head of a diabolo pellet can be solid, while the skirt or the flared end of this pellet is usually hollow.